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TEEKAY7.jpgThe Teekay Axilock-FP represents the ultimate in high security fire protected mechanical pipe couplings. With its unique internal fire sleeve and double casing design it is plain to see why this coupling is the primary pipe connection of choice in the marine and naval market sectors. The Axilock-FP has been tested to military standards for shock and fire resistance and is fully compliant with current IACS regulations.

The second generation Axilock-FP features an improved fire proof sleeve, made with technologically advanced fire proof material. At the time of launch, test conditions require the coupling be subjected to temperatures in excess of 800 degrees, which the Axilock Fire Proof resists with ease. 

The changes expected to the IACS P2 regulations stipulate 'thermal insulation materials applied on couplings should be non-combustable'; the Teekay Axilock Fire Proof coupling already meets those regulations.

Having survived a rigorous flame test designed to simulate a hydrocarbon fire, the Teekay Coupling remains leak free at a pressure of 32 bar, twice the working pressure. When the internal rubber is subsequently exposed, the patented multi seal gasket looks like new.

  • Type Approved by all the major marine classification bodies.
  • Internal fire sleeve. No external “wraps.” (Patented design).
  • Robust design. Resistant to shock, vibration and fire (to Naval standards).
  • Compliant with current IACS regulations, including pressure pulsation, vibration and minimum burst requirements.
  • Fire tested to ISO 19921/19922
  • VdS certificated.

Technical Details

Material Selection





Type I

AISI 304/ DIN 1.4301

Alloy Steel, PTFE coated


Type II

AISI 304/ DIN 1.4301

AISI 316/ 316L


Type IV

AISI 316L/ DIN 1.4404

AISI 316/ 316L


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